Independent Sales Manager Up to $10K+/ mon.

Independent Sales Opportunity $0 – 10K+ / month.

Work from Home, Online. Immediate Starting with Unlimited Earning Opportunity

Opportunity offered by Lending Capital, LLC. [MCA] Merchant Cash Advance for Small Business Loans, Commercial Real Estate Funding and Customer Finance. One of Large Lenders Network Nationwide.

Opening Position  for Nationwide in 48 States.

We are looking for Full-Time Professional Independent Sales Manager Working (B2B) Business to Business or/and Remotely (by phone and/or online) a Team Leader Encouraging, Motivating his Team with Positive Coaching to increase and double his team sales

Skills Requirement: 

  • Basic sales experience

  • Basic management experience (Leadership)

  • Outgoing personality

  • Strong work ethic

  • Basic computer skills

  • Ability to close a sale

  • Experience dealing with business owns

  • Desire to make a difference to our company

  • Willing to Learn

  • Hungry to Earn MONEY.!

Opportunity Requirement: 

  • Computer (Laptop or Tablet or iPad and Smart Phone)

  • Your own transportation (Optional)

  • Since we will be dealing with MCA / Small Business Loan Services and basic customer financial information. You Must be Clear of Any Related Financial Background Crime.

We Provide :

  • Access to qualified prospects (Leads)

  • All Necessary Marketing Materials for Your Success.

  • Back office for tracking portal.

  • Phone and Zoom support.

  • Step by Step Education Platform.

  • Weekly meeting for follow up open for questions & answers (Optional).

Compensation: up to $2,500.00 per sale and average pay $125,000.00 per year.
*earning may vary from case to case study.!

Independent Management Commission

  • Average earnings of $1,000 per sale (up to $2,500.00 per sale)

  • Renewal paid in full (for repeated client)

  • Monthly bonus potential (must qualify based on sales volume)

  • PLUS Compensation up to 20% override of your team member commotion. (Ex: Team does $1,000 in commission  you will make $200. *If you have team of 10 agent, you’ll make $2,000.00 extra this week or month + your sales commission)

  • Get Paid as You Go. (get paid after business owner get funded)

Get Started Now:

321.282.1999   |     800.376.1996